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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ikan Bakar Teluk Penyu

I was in Teluk Penyu Beach (Cilacap, south coast town nearby boundary of Central Java and West Java), taking pictures of sunrise and playing water, of course :D I and my only sister bought some fresh fishes, really fresh, as fresh as you can imagine ;) They just freshly hauled from a fisherman's fishing net! We then went home and enjoyed grilling the fishes and basting it often with soy sauce mixture. The flesh was soft and juicy, served with special sauce made from peanuts, shrimp paste and sweet soy sauce. Needless to say, it was the most delicious grilled fish I ever had!

Recipe by: my sister, Liana Dewi

Measurement and photo by: Lia, Dapurgue


1 kg fresh fish, clean and make some diagonal scratches on both sides using sharp knife.
Ground into a paste:
4 cloves garlic
½ sdt ground pepper
3 cm fresh ginger
3 cm fresh turmeric
5 candlenuts
2 tsp salt
1 tbs lemon juice
Basting mixture:
50 gr margarine
75 ml sweet soy sauce
1 tbs lime juice
Warm rice, raw vegetables, sambal kacang kecap (sweet soy sauce mixed with peanuts)
Marinate fish with ground spices, let it stand for 2 hours in chiller.
Brush out the basting mixture over both sides, grill and turn occasionaly, keep basting often during grilling until completely cooked or just up to your desired doneness.
Transfer to serving plate, give a final brush of basting mixture, serve immediately with complements.

By: Lia, Dapurgue


2 tbs shrimp paste
Bird eye chilli
3 cloves garlich, fried.
5 shallots (or half onion), fried.
150 ml sweet soy sauce
1 tbs lime juice
3 tbs roasted peanuts, ground
50 ml lukewarm water
Grind shrimp paste, chilli, garlic and shallots until smooth.
Stir in water and sweet soy sauce.
Add in ground peanut and lime juice, mix well and serve.

Indonesian Version
Resep: Liana Dewi (kk gue)
Takaran dan foto: Lia, Dapurgue
1 kg ikan segar, bersihkan dan sayat2 permukaannya menyerong
Bumbu halus:
4 siung bawang putih
½ sdt merica bubuk
3 cm jahe
3 cm kunyit
5 butir kemiri
2 sdt garam
1 sdm air jeruk nipis
50 gr margarin
75 ml kecap manis
1 sdm air jeruk limau
Nasi anget, lalapan, sambal kecap kacang
Lumuri ikan dengan bumbu halus, diamkan di kulkas selama 2 jam.
Kuas permukaannya dengan bahan olesan, bakar diatas api sambil sering diolesin dan dibolak-balik agar matangnya merata.
Transfer ke piring saji, kuas dengan bahan olesan sekali lagi. Sajikan segera dengan pelengkap.

By: Lia, Dapurgue
2 sdm petis udang
Cabe rawit secukupnya, goreng matang
3 siung bawang putih, goreng utuh matang
5 butir bawang merah, goreng utuh matang
150 ml kecap manis
1 sdm air jeruk limau
3 sdm kacang goreng, haluskan
50 ml air matang hangat
Haluskan petis, cabe, bawang merah dan bawang putih.
Tuangi air, tambahkan kecap manis, aduk.
Masukin kacang goreng dan air jeruk limau, aduk rata, sajikan.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sweet & Spicy Fried Lamb (Empal Kambing)

I didnt like lamb normally, but sometimes I had to cook and serve it for my hubby & daddy. I took times before I could acquire that smelly meat on my appetite. Yes right, the flavour, was my biggest reason to dislike it.
I also hate to see it immersed in coconut milk, such as lamb curry and gulai. I think coconut milk makes its smell get stronger :P Spiced up with lots of herbs and spices is one of my ways to reduce its smell. I then prefer to cook it simply by grilling, roasting, frying or as clear soup. That's the way I try to start enjoying it.
I just made this sweet fried lamb this morning. You can roast it as final touch instead of frying. I forgot to sprinkle some crispy fried onion and vegetable pickles to serve with, but it's okay, you can just serve it with your fave condiments. Mayonnaise, brown sauce, peanut sauces, soy sauce, plum sauce, any condiments in your cupboard will be very good to it.

300 gr lamb (I choose round)
2 kaffir lime leaves
1 stalk lemongrass, crushed
5 cm cinnamon stick
1 tsp salt
1 tbs sugar
1 tbs lemon juice
500 ml water
Ground into a paste:
5 shallots (or one small onion)
3 cloves garlic
2 tsp toasted corriander
3 kaffir lime leaves
Heat water to a full boil, add in lamb and all other ingredients.
Reduce the heat to simmer until lamb is half cooked.
Drain the lamb, cut into slices and put them back to the boiling broth. Continue to cook over low heat with the lid half opened until the liquid is reduced and the meat is tender.
Remove from heat, drain the meat slices and fry until golden brown.
Serve warm with vegetables and your fave condiments.

Indonesian version
300 gr daging kambing muda (gue pilih paha belakang bagian atas)
2 lembar daun jeruk
1 batang sereh, geprak
5 cm kayumanis
1 sdt garam
1 sdm gula pasir
1 sdm air jeruk nipis or lemon
500 ml air
Bumbu halus:
5 butir bawang merah
3 siung bawang putih
2 sdt ketumbar sangrai
3 lembar daun jeruk
Didihkan air, masukin kambing dan bahan-bahan yang lain.
Rebus dengan api kecil dan setengah tertutup sampai kambing setengah empuk.
Angkat kambing, iris2 sesuai selera, kembalikan ke perebus. Lanjutkan memasak dengan api kecil dan setengah tertutup hingga air menyusut dan kambing empuk.
Matikan api, tiriskan kambing berbumbu. Goreng hingga kekuningan.
Sajikan dengan sayuran dan saus sesuai selera.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Steamed Durian Cotton Cake

People call durian as The King of Fruit, and I think it is. The sweet velvety soft flesh, fatty & alcoholic flavor, it has divided people into two groups only: hate it, or love it. I'm on the second group, of course :) Not just love, I also get addicted to it.
I made this cake by combining two technique: taiwanese style and classic sponge cake. I was about going to bake it while I looked over the clock and consider it was very late night. I changed the plan only in seconds, simply put it into steamer to shorten the cooking time. I lefted it stay in the steamer as it already done, with the lid was half opened. This morning, I cut small piece for myself while I sipped my morning tea. Ommigod, it's sooo goood...! Soft and cottony texture with a perfect authentic durian taste, it was like a luxurious soft cloud in my mouth.
If you're a durian lover, dont miss to try it. It sure is damned tantalizing to resist!

125 gr fresh durian flesh
1 tsp vanilla essence
150 gr all purpose flour
175 gr caster sugar
300 gr (5) eggs
1.5 tsp cake emulsifier
75 ml fresh milk
75 gr margarine + 60 gr butter
20x20x5 cm baking pan, greased and lined with baking paper
Heat milk, margarine & butter over low heat until compeletly melted and nearly come into boil, remove from heat.
Add in durian and flour, whisk thoroughly until smooth, set aside.
Beat eggs, sugar, emulsifier and vanilla using electrical mixer until pale, thick and fluffy.
Drop 2 woodenspoons of eggs batter into durian mixture, stir well.
Continue to add eggs batter gradually, always blend thoroughly using rubber spatula after each addition until all batter and mixture are completely blended.
Pour into prepared pan, put into steamer with full boiling water, steam over medium heat for 30 minutes.
Remove from steamer, let it cool compeletly. Remove from pan, cut into slices.
Served with chocolate sauce will be perfect, but I prefer to serve it plain instead as it brings maximum exploration to the distinctive authentic flavour of durian.
You can bake it instead of steamed it. I just think that steambake will be great.

Indonesian Version
125 gr daging durian
1 sdt vanilla essence
150 gr tepung terigu
175 gr gula pasir (kalo ada jenis castor)
300 gr (5 butir) telur
1.5 sdt cake emulsifier
75 ml fresh milk
75 gr margarin + 60 gr butter
20x20x5 cm baking pan, oles margarin, lapisi kertas roti
Panasin susu, margarin dan butter dengan api kecil hingga leleh dan hampir mendidih, matikan api.
Masukin durian dan tepung terigu, aduk rata hingga halus, sisihkan.
Kocok telur, emulsifier, vanilla dan gula hingga pucat dan kental.
Sendokkan 2 sendok kayu ke adonan durian, aduk dengan spatula hingga rata.
Tambahkan adonan telur secara bertahap sambil diaduk rata di setiap tambahan sehingga semua adonan bercampur rata.
Tuang ke loyang yang udah disiapin, masukin kukusan yang udah mendidih, atur api ke medium, kukus 30 menit.
Angkat dan dinginkan, keluarkan dari loyang, potong2 & sajikan.
Bisa disajikan dengan saus coklat, tapi gue prefer gak pake pendampng apa2 biar lebih brasa duriannya.
Selain dikukus bisa juga dioven, paling bagus dioven dengan cara ditim (steam bake / au bain marie) untuk mempertahankan tekstur halusnya.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Kelo Kuning

My grannies called it "Kelo Kuning", means yellow soup in Javanese. This soup served by generations in my family. A tasty clear soup made of fish stock, with fishes themselves, enriched with the fragrance of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, exotically spiced with garlic, ginger and turmeric, I can never help myself craving for this soup, specially in summer. Any kind of fish will do well, but milkfish will be best.

2 milkfish (800gr), clean and cut clockwise
800ml water
2 stalk lemongrass, crushed
5 pieces kaffir lime leaves
4 cloves garlic, sliced
2 red chilli/capsicum, sliced
Bird eye chilli pepper (optional, to your hot taste)
1 stalk leek, sliced
4 tbs vegetable oil
2 tsp salt
2 tbs lemon juice (or more)
3 tomatoes, coarsely sliced
Ground into a paste:
3 cloves garlic
3 cm fresh ginger
3 cm fresh turmeric
Marinate fish with ground spices and 1 tsp salt, let it stand for 30 minutes in chiller.
Heat oil n frying pan, saute garlic, lemongrass, capsicum and kaffilr lime leaves until fragrant, set aside.
Heat water to a full boil, add in marinated fish and sauted herbs. Simmer for 15 minutes.
Add in leek, bird eye chilli, tomatoes, 1 tsp salt and lemon juice, continue to cook for another 2 minutes.
Remove from heat, serve warm.

BANDENG KELO KUNING (Bandeng Kuah Kuning)
2 buah bandeng (sekitar 800gr), bersihkan dan potong2
800ml air
2 batang serai, memarkan
5 lembar daun jeruk
4 siung bawang putih, iris
2 buah cabe merahm, iris serong
Cabe rawit secukupnya (optional, kalo pengen pedes)
1 batang daun pre (leek), iris serong
4 sdm minyak sayur
2 sdt garam /secukupnya
2 sdm air jeruk ato secukupnya
3 buah tomat, potong2
3 siung bawang putih
3 cm jahe
3 cm kunyit
Lumuri bandeng dengan bumbu halus dan 1 sdt garam, diamkan 30 menit di kulkas.
Panasin minyak, tumis bawang putih, serai, daun jeruk dan cabe merah hingga wangi dan layu, sisihkan.
Didihkan air, masukin bandeng dan tumisan, masak dengan api kecil 15 menit.
Tambahkan daun prei, cabe rawit, air jeruk, tomat dan sisa garam, teruskan memasak selama 2 menit.
Matikan api, sajikan hangat.

Brownies [revised]

As a big big fan of chocolate, I won't give apology for myself if I pass this superb cake over.
I've been doing many experiments to find a true brownies for my life. A dark, soft, moist, rich and sinful to my weight hehehehhh... But it should not be too sweet, not to forget the mysterious thin crisp film on the surface, to hide out its truth of chocolate delicacy inside.
And here it is, a real superb brownies that will drive you crazy.
This is not a new recipe actually, I modify my old brownies recipe, simply substitute the margarine/butter into vegetable oil and simplify the method. Just it! But do trust me that it gave a significant texture different. You may add extra chocolate chips to the batter for richer and denser texture if you like it gooey.
Don't do skewer test to ensure it's completely done. The extra moist texture will always rather stick on the skewer. It'll be stop sticking your skewer as you're conscious that it's overbaked already :P Simply look over the surface. Once it has a thin shiny crisp surface that doesn't stick on your fingers as you touch it, that's the perfect time to remove it from your oven.
Well dont you think that I just speaking too much? Now it's your turn to bake your own!

250 gr dark cooking chocolate, coarsely chopped
175 gr vegetable oil (= 210ml)
a pinch of salt
3 tbs good quality of dutch processed cocoa
150 gr granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
50 ml milk
3 large eggs
150 gr all-purpose flour
150 gr chocolate chips (opt.)
150 gr roasted nuts, chopped (opt.)
20x20x4 cm pan, greased and lined with baking paper
Heat vegetable oil just until warm.
Add cocoa, salt, chocolate, milk and sugar, stir until chocolate until completely melted.
Add eggs and vanilla, whisk until well combined.
Stir in flour, chocolate chips and nuts, whisk thoroughly.
Pour onto prepared pan, bake in preheated oven until done.
Remove from oven, let it cool completely, remove from pan and cut into slices.
You may combine some butter or margarine instead of using oil totally for richer taste. I used to combine 50gr margarine or butter with 125gr veg oil.

Indonesian Version
250 gr dark cooking chocolate, cincang kasar
175 gr minyak sayur (= 210ml)
Seujung sendok teh garam
3 sdm coklat bubuk berkualitas
150 gr gula pasir
1 sdt vanilla essence
50 ml susu cair
3 butir telur ukuran besar
150 gr tepung terigu
150 gr chocolate chips (optional)
150 gr kacang2an panggang, cincang (optional)
Loyang ukuran 20x20x4 cm pan, olesi margarin, alasi kertas roti
Hangatkan minyak sayur, masukin coklat cincang, coklat bubuk, susu, garam dan gula, aduk hingga coklat leleh.
Tambahkan telur & vanilla, aduk dengan pengocok kawat hingga tercampur rata.
Masukin tepung, coklat cips dan kacang2an, aduk rata.
Tuang ke loyang yang udah disiapin, panggang hingga matang.
Keluarkan dari oven, diamkan hingga betul2 dingin, keluarkan dari loyang dan potong-potong.
Minyak sayur bisa dikombinasi dengan margarin/butter untuk rasa yang lebih rich. Gue pake 50gr margarin/butter dan 125gr minyak.
Jangan lakukan tes tusuk untuk menentukan matang tidaknya, karena tekstur brownies ini sangat lembab sehingga selalu nempel di tusukan saat dites. Tanda kematangannya ketika atasnya sudah mengkilap dan retak2 serta kering ketika disentuh, meskipun terasa masih lunak. Nanti kalo udah bener2 dingin akan set dan mudah dipotong.
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