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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cake Tape, Fermented Cassava Cake

Tape, or fermented cassava is very popular in Indonesia. It is cooked cassava (steamed or boiled), fermented with particular yeast (made from ground spices and rice flour), stored in airtight container in a dark place for 2-3 days. The fermentation produces a moist and soft flesh cassava with sweet and sour alcoholic taste. You can consume it directly or create various desserts using it, from drinks, jellies, fritters and cakes.
I was about making afternoon cake while I saw some Tape left in chiller. I thought I could turn it to be a delicious cake for my cloudy sunday, combined with sultanas and nuts. It was my really first Cake Tape anyway :D I made it without any recipe, but my heart told me what I had to blend hehehehhh... and it worked! A soft and moist cake with a sweet smell of Tape and a shot of vanilla scent. Topped with dark ganache, it was really a perfect way to use up my tape ;)

CAKE TAPE (Fermented Cassava Cake)
4 eggs
100 gr caster sugar
1.5 tsp cake emulsifier (optional)
150 gr all purpose flour + ¼ tsp baking powder, shifted
200 gr good quality of Tape (fermented cassava), discard the thin woody core
100 gr margarine, melted
1 tbs vanilla essence
50 gr roasted nuts, chopped (I used kenari or Java Almond or Pili Nuts)
50 gr sultanas or raisins
20x20x4cm baking pan, greased and lined with baking paper
Put raisins/sultanas in a small bowl, pour boiling water just until covered, let it soaked for 3-4 minutes until puffed, rinse and pat dry in papertowel.
Mix raisins, nuts and flour, set aside.
Beat fermented cassava, margarine and vanilla using electrical mixer at medium speed for one minute. Fold in mixed flour, continue to beat for a half minutes until well blended, set a side.
At another bowl, beat eggs, sugar and cake emulsifier at full speed until thick, fluffy and pale.
Fold into cassava mixture in four batch, stir well using spatula or wooden spoon for each addition until well combined.
Pour into prepared pan, bake until done.
Remove from the pan, let it cool. Cut and serve with your favourite topping (chocolates, cream cheese or simply dust with confectioner sugar and cinnamon powder, or served with 1-2 scoops of ice cream, yummm...)
You may substitute margarine with vegetable oil or butter, or combination of both, add a pinch of salt for better taste.

Indonesian Version
4 butir telur
100 gr gula pasir
1.5 sdt emulsifier
150 gr terigu + ¼ sdt baking powder
200 gr tape yang bagus, buang serat tengahnya
100 gr margarin, lelehkan
1 sdm vanilla essence
50 gr kenari sangrai, cincang kasar
50 gr kismis
Loyang 20x20x4cm, olesi minyak sayur & alasi kertas roti
Rendam kismis dalam air panas (gak usah banyak2 asal sampe terendam), biarkan 2-3 menit sampe ngembang, tiriskan & tebarkan di papertowel agar airnya terserap.
Sementara nyuekin kismis, kocok tape, margarin leleh dan vanilla dengan speed sedang selama 1 menit hingga lembut.
Campur kismis, tepung dan kenari hingga rata, masukin ke campuran tape, kocok lagi dengan speed sedang setengah menit hingga rata, sisihkan.
Kocok telur, gula dan emulsifier hingga putih mengembang dan kental (jangan lupa whisker bekas ngaduk tape dicuci & dikeringin dulu ya hehehehe…).
Tuang sepertiga kocokan telur ke adonan tape, aduk balik dengan spatula hingga menyatu.
Tuang lagi sisa telur adonan dalam 2-3 tahap sambil terus diaduk balik hingga rata.
Tuang ke loyang yang udah disiapin, oven sampe matang dengan suhu sedang.
Angkat, keluarkan dari loyang dan diamkan hingga dingin.
Taburi topping sesuai selera, potong2 & sajikan.
Saat dioven adonan gak akan terlalu mengembang, tapi hasilnya tetep spongy dan lembut.
Kemaren toppingnya pake ganache sisa. Bisa dikasi topping krimcis, keju parut, gula halus campur kayumanis dll. Tanpa topping juga noproblem, tetep uenak.
Penyajian lain, bisa ama 1-2 skop es krim, sluuurppp…


Indo Swall said...

Sedap buanget itu keliatannya ya..

Lia said...

iya, enaakkk... cobain bikin gih, trus kirim ke aku :">

Yoke said...

hi Lia

i luv yr cake but I could not find Tape in Melbourne, could u pls teach me how to make it when u r free? my email address yokeyau@gmail.com


henik said...

Mbka Lia, sudah kucoba resep cake labu kuning kukus tapi versi oven, yuuummmmy lho Thanks ya

Lia said...

@mb henik, you're welcome mbak, alhamdulillah seneng kalo cocok :) makasih ya uda nyobain

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